Our Global Team

Our global team of over 100 couriers in 30 different countries is available 24/7 365 days a year. Our aim is to have a prepared team of hand-carry specialists ready to move your shipments at a moment’s notice.

Meet Some of our Travelers

Bryan F

Bryan will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Bryan once traveled over 4 hours by public transit to recover a critical shipment going to Abu Dhabi. After spending the night in Philly to catch an early morning flight, his shipment was held up in customs due to missing paperwork. After three hours of coordination with local customs authorities, the correct paperwork was finally provided and the shipment was released from customs. Bryan was calm, determined and detailed throughout the entire process.

John S

John' has completed 110 missions. In August 2017, Hurrican Harvey was touching down in Houston, TX and as a result John's connecting flight to Houston was rerouted to Dallas. As a result, his critical shipment was at risk for delay. Although most passengers' baggage was delayed or misrouted, John's atttention to detail and communication skills with United Airlines staff ensured that his shipment was delivered on time.

Kelvin S

Kelvin's an experienced courier having completed over 350 missions. His personal motto is "make it happen, on time everytime." He is a professional problem solver and embraces finding solutions for his customers.

Marlon B

Years of study of yoga and meditation contribute to Marlon's work as a courier. When flights are extra long, her pretzel-like flexibility allows her to be more comfortable than most in an airline seat. When missions present surprises, she's calm and solution oriented. Having visited 18 countries before she even began OBC work speaks to her awe of foreign cultures. Now at 27 countries and counting, Marlon's enthusiasm for serving her clients with perfect service is boundless.